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Cross Currents Exhibition

if you are in Texas please come and see

“Cross Currents”  Exhibition from July 29 – Aug.23 2014 at

Vaudeville Gallery 230 East Main Street Fredericksburg TX 78624

participating artist:

Efharis Alepedis,Julia Barello,Francisca Bauza,Michael Becker,Julie Blyfield,Antje Braeuer,Monica Cecchi,Babette von Dohnanyi,Helen Ellison,Teresa Faris,Peter Frank,Monika Jakubec,Kaori Juzu,Ulla + Martin Kaufmann,Anne Leger,Kathrine Lindman,Barbara Paganin,Liana Pattihis,Isabell Schaupp,Nolia Shakti,Antje Stolz,Niki Stylianou,Mariko Sumioka,Iris Tsante,Jasmin Winter

Cross Currents :contemporary international jewelry

curated by Charon Kransen

It is surprising to realize the incredible variety of objects that can fit under the term „contemporary jewelry“. This movement has developed in different countries around the world manifesting itself in diverse practices. The word jewelry itself is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicized from the old french „jouel“, and beyond that the Latin word „jocale“, meaning „plaything“.

For many centuries, metal combined with gemstones has been the norm for jewelry. Today there are an incredible variety of objects that suit the term „contemporary jewelry“. We use the word contemporary because it represents the perfect balance between innovation and personal expression in reference to the present. Contemporary jewelry is a self reflexive practice, meaning it is concerned with reflecting on itself and the conditions and environment in which it takes place. In general, it is created in a critical and conscious relationship to the history of the practice and to the wider field of jewelry and adornment.

Cross Current is showcasing the works of 25 of the most innovative international contemporary artists of our time. Through the convergence of their modern creations and heritage, they invite us to travel through history and redefine our own idea of jewelry.




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